3 Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing

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One of the best things about marketing is being able to provide helpful content for your audience. Creating posts that resonate with your customers is a great feeling. No matter if you create content that helps boost a product, or is simply fun posts meant for enjoyment, there is a sense of accomplishment in pleasing customers. However, it can be difficult to consistently create quality content, rather than just posting for the sake of keeping up with your channels. Here are three tips to help inspire you keep creating content that will add value to your audience’s lives.

Create Catchy Headlines:

While you want your headline to be accurate for your post (rather than just click bait) come up with a creative way to describe what is in the article or post. Creating lists (5 Customer Service Channels You Need, Sales Psychology In 6 Steps) lets customers know exactly what they are getting into length-wise, and makes it easy for them to read in-depth or skim for the information they are looking for. Lists are also useful for videos, as the audience will have an idea of how long they need to watch for the information they are there for. Hubspot found that using strong (not foul) language such as “brilliant” or “hate” drove more traffic than mild words. Your headline will likely be a deciding factor in if your audience clicks your link, so do your best to make it creative and reflective in the work you put in on the content.

Make Your Point:

When creating videos and articles, it is tempting to elaborate instead of getting to the point. While what you are saying might be interesting to you, your audience is there for a reason- to learn about the topic you are presenting. Beauty and food bloggers are notoriously known for rambling before they get to their point- do not follow their lead. Leave enough of a “curiosity gap” that they are drawn in, but not so much that they get frustrated waiting for the information and leave. Keeping content to the point with valuable information will build customer trust and keep them coming back. If you are writing an article, consider breaking it up into sub topics or bullet points to make reading quicker. Although you put a lot of effort into the whole piece, your audience will appreciate the ease of obtaining the pieces of information they need. And once they realize how good your content is, they are sure to come back for more.

Create Evergreen Content:

It is important to stay on top of trends, especially if you are in a fast-paced industry. While it is a good idea to cover trends, it is also important to share information that doesn’t go out of date quickly, or “evergreen” content. Evergreen content allows you to put in work creating content that will be valuable for a longer period of time, making it even more worth your time and your audience’s time. Temporal content it still important so you can help customers stay up to date with relevant trends, but do not put all of your focus on that.

Know Your Customer:

Knowing your audience is the best way to product content that they will enjoy. Your customers are the heart of your business, and they should be at the center of your content. Create and keep up with your buyer persona, and put yourself in their shoes. Find a way to tie interesting stories into industry tips, or relate them to your products. Create content that is helpful and enjoyable. Knowing your customers will help you decide how much humor to add, how formal you need to keep your content, and how often you should post.

Creating new, quality content on a regular basis can be quite a challenge. However, it provides a lot of value and helps to build a relationship with your customers. Take note of what they like and want more of, and do your research for successful content marketing.


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