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Marketing Analytics

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When the word Analytics is used in the eCommerce world, people are typically referring to Web Analytics. They tend to think of metrics that are associated with analytic tools, such as traffic, bounce rate, new visitors, etc. Web analytics are very valuable and can provide a wealth of insight and data into your website’s performance; however, from a marketing perspective, more data is needed to understand the performance of your marketing campaigns. As a business, you are constantly putting money into marketing campaigns and advertising, so it is important to know which ones are successful and where you stand on your return on investment (ROI).

Marketing analytics measures business metrics such as leads, conversions into sales, and overall traffic (beyond the website). It includes data not only from the website, but also from other sources like email, social media, and offline campaigns. It measures what influences led customers to purchase from them: was it the website, a Google Ad, an e-mail? Marketing analytics is more consumer focused. It focuses on what led the customer to purchase and it does not solely look at the website traffic.

Marketing analytics help marketers understand the effectiveness of their campaigns, not just their website. It allows marketers to analyze how successful each campaign is, how they compare to each other, the true ROI of each campaign, and if they are meeting their business goals. As a result of the information they can gather from their marketing analytics, marketers can also determine what is not working, and make adjustments to campaigns to improve their overall marketing department.

One of the most powerful marketing performance metrics comes from the keywords. Keywords can tell you exactly what is in your current and potential consumers’ minds. When most companies engage in paid search marketing, they are looking to increase the traffic to their site, but the long-term benefit is the keyword data they receive. This information can be used to plan and optimize business processes. It gives you insight into how your consumers perceive your business.

Marketing analytics gathers data from across all marketing channels and consolidates it. This allows you to see the overall picture and make better informed decisions regarding your marketing efforts moving forward. It allows you to forecast based on trends because you can analyze reports from the past. Marketing analytics can deliver data-driven predictions to influence your future marketing campaigns. For instance, let’s say you have a marketing e-mail campaign that is targeting leads from your site. Marketing analytics will not only tell you how many people clicked the e-mail and were directed to your site, but it will also let you know how many were converted into customers once they landed on the website. This permits you to track the success of the campaign and then compare it to other campaigns and their success. It allows you to know what is the most effective in order to plan for the future.

A key differentiator between web analytics and marketing analytics is that marketing analytics focuses on the consumer. This enables you to track how individuals are responding to the different marketing channels and efforts. It allows you to learn what works and what does not work on your target market. At the end of the day, the marketing department needs to be able to understand their target market and how to market to them.

Lastly, all of this data and information you compile has no value unless you use the information to plan in the future. With marketing analytics, you have a solid look into the effectiveness of your marketing channels. It is a constant process of testing and learning, marketing analytics enables you to improve your overall marketing program performance through benchmarking and making improvements based on the data.

Marketing analytics allows for better and more successful marketing by enabling you to see exactly how consumers are responding to your campaigns. By more effectively tracking leads and leads that convert into sales, you can see which specific marketing campaigns are contributing to your bottom line. The important thing to take away is that if you are solely relying on web analytics then you are missing out on a lot of powerful data that can help with your marketing strategy.

Sep 19
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viral marketing 2


Whether you are a small, start-up company or a large, well-known corporation, it is always good to continue to be in front of your consumers and on their radar. A recent campaign spreading through Social Media is the ALS ice bucket challenge. This is an example of a perfectly executed Viral Marketing strategy. Viral Marketing is a great way to be in front of your consumers and build your brand at the same time. So, what exactly is Viral Marketing? Viral Marketing is a strategy that focuses on spreading information about a product and service from person to person quickly by using unconventional means. Simply put, it is letting other people do your marketing for you without them even realizing it. Viral Marketing can significantly increase the amount of traffic coming to your site. It is typically compared to a chain letter, but the difference between a chain letter and viral marketing is that you do not have to tell consumers what to do with the message in Viral Marketing. Viral Marketing can provide maximum brand impact in a small amount of time. In order for a campaign to be successful, the message has to be share-worthy and easily shareable. The next few paragraphs cover some things to keep in mind when crafting a Viral Marketing campaign.

The first thing to keep in mind is to make it relevant. It could be related to a current event or an issue in your industry. It is very important to make sure that it relates to your audience in a meaningful way. You can also incorporate some humor. This is what made the ALS ice Bucket Challenge so successful. It related to people very well and drew on the emotion, but it was also humorous and easy to share.

The second thing is to keep it simple. Viral messages depend on fast and easy replication in order for them to spread, so it is important to keep your idea simple and unique. This also helps to ensure that the message is not lost in translation. People will innately share things that they perceive carry value as well. Be sure to make the project share-worthy and relate able to many different demographics. Whichever medium you use to carry your marketing message, whether it be an embedded video or a hyperlink, it must be easy to be transferred and replicated. The simpler it is, while still relaying a powerful message, the quicker it will take off.

Technology today has made people very lazy. If it is not convenient, then people will simply not do it. Therefore, the replication of your message should be effortless. By including the right share buttons, hyperlinks, hashtags, etc. you are making it even easier for your consumers to share your message via social media or e-mail. The heart of viral marketing is your audience sharing your project, if this fails, than the project will fail. The more your audience shares, the more publicity you gain.

A benefit of a well-executed Viral Marketing strategy is that you will end up having a lot of backlinks to your site, which will help with your Search Engine Optimization. It can propel your company in the search engine rankings. If SEO is something that you are struggling with, then a Viral Marketing campaign will help you gain popularity and move you up in search rankings.

Lastly, most people are social, and with technology there are many ways to be social. It can be face to face, through Facebook or any other social media application, or through e-mail. Research that has been done on social habits tells us that each person has a network of close friends or family that typically ranges from 8 to 12 people. This is considered their core network, but some people may have hundreds or thousands of people in their broader network. This can include social media friends, clients, or followers. You want to use people to spread the message to all of their friends. A very creative and effective way to use viral marketing is to use others’ resources to get the word out. You want to encourage consumers to spread the message throughout their network. Some other ideas would be to use affiliate programs, a news release or other blogs. You can use Affiliate programs to place links on other websites, a news release can potentially be seen by hundreds of thousands of readers, and if your content is “blog-worthy,” bloggers will write about it and link back to you. People find blogs intriguing and they’re a great way to build your brand. All of these options result in someone else using their resources to relay your marketing message, which is the definition of Viral Marketing.

Viral marketing can be a very effective and inexpensive strategy to generate interest for your business. The key to any strategy is execution. You can plan for years and have an amazing idea, but if it is not executed correctly than it will not be effective. Another thing to keep in mind is that the end goal is to not only create interest, but increase sales, so make sure you are benchmarking your success!


Sep 15
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BMT Micro is excited and proud to announce that we have launched a redesigned website for our company. It has a new, sleek and easy to use design. Our goal was to make the website more user-friendly and easy to navigate. The new site will allow visitors to access the information they are in search of quickly. Click the link below to view the site, and make sure to watch the quick video tutorial for tips on how to navigate the site. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to working together to aid in all of your E-commerce needs!

Check out the site now: BMT Micro’s newly redesigned website!



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customer service

We recently published a blog post about keeping your customers safe. The post covered ways that individual companies and developers can keep their customers safe. This includes being PCI compliant and using strong SSL for authentication for your shopping cart. This article reflects the processes and measurement BMT Micro personally takes to protect our vendors and their customers.

Our main goal is to ensure the safety of all transactions between vendors and customers. BMT Micro has established a state-of-the-art fraud detection system that automatically screens orders with different IP addresses or Card Verification numbers. We take great care to ensure that our system keeps both vendors and customers safe. We achieve this by using our robust fraud protection system that screens incoming orders to put questionable orders through a manual approval process. Orders may have to go through a manual review process for a number of reasons. This is done in order to avoid illegal or unauthorized charges, which may range from fraudulous use of another person’s information and payment methods to kids heedlessly using their parents’ credit cards for purchases that the parents may or may not have permitted. Other circumstances that may cause a delay in processing, due to the need for manual review, are if the CVV information does not match the credit card or if there is a significant mismatch between the address of the customer and the IP address from which the order was made. In this day and age, when we hear so much about people’s information being stolen or hacked, BMT Micro wants to be a place where customers can be sure that their information is safe and vendors can rest confident in the knowledge that their product will not be taken advantage of or be fraudulently used. Our vendors and customers are protected throughout the transactional process as well as during the delivery of products.

When a customer orders a product, they are typically given a link to download their purchase. The links provided in the customer e-mails for downloading of the products that they have purchased, all lead to a secure server. The secure download links also come with a certain customer and vendor protection: to avoid fraudulent use and illegal downloading of products, the secure download links will automatically be blocked if abuse is detected. Download links are given to the customer immediately on screen and then by email after completion of their purchase. As you can see, there are extensive measures taken by BMT Micro to ensure the transaction and the customer’s information is safe. Therefore, sometimes there may be a delay in processing your order.

BMT Micro is a company located in the United States and if your order is flagged to be manually reviewed, for whatever reason, and the order was made during our off hours or in the middle of the night, the delay may be longer than expected. For example, if you live in New Zealand and place your order at 5:00pm in your local time zone, it may be 1:00am at BMT Micro’s geographical location. Also, when it is 10:00am in Finland, it is 3:00am in BMT Micro’s headquarters time zone. We strive to provide swift and efficient processing procedures, but our customers and vendors safety comes first and foremost, so there may be delays in your order to ensure that there is no fraudulent activity taking place. However, in most cases customers receive instant or near-instant delivery of product or download links. We have a highly trained customer service department that is constantly working to improve our vendor and customer experience. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have. Our customer service team handles all questions related to the payment and ordering process; however for technical support (for instance how to play a specific game), customers are referred to the vendor or developer of the software or product. BMT Micro handles orders for a multitude of vendors and developers worldwide. We are proud to partner with you all and to be your choice of payment processor. BMT Micro strives and will continue to strive for an excellence in service and are always working towards timely and adept transaction procedures for all our vendors and customers, all the while making sure that online security measures remain a priority.