Fact Or Fiction: Debunking eCommerce Myths


Running a successful eCommerce store is a challenging, but rewarding, job. Often, those of us that work in eCommerce believe certain myths that make our jobs even more difficult and hold us back from achieving the best results we can. Here are a few of the most common eCommerce myths, and the truth about them.

Your Logo And Color Scheme Are The Only “Branding” You Need:

Having a great logo and color scheme is a great place to start! Establishing these things early on is imperative to have a recognizable brand. However, to be successful your branding efforts need to go beyond just a first impression. Come up with a mission, values, and what is most important to your company. Although the aesthetics of your company are important for drawing customers in, the heart of your company and a shared ethos are what will keep them coming back.

Minimum Content Is Best For Optimum UX:

While writing a novel for any given page on your website isn’t going to do you any favors, neither is leaving your website too blank. White space is important, as is choosing the right high-resolution images and videos. But what you don’t want is to leave customers questions about your product or services unanswered. It is easy to make your website or social media pages too minimalist while trying to keep it from looking cluttered.

Small Businesses Cannot Sell Globally:

One of the best things about living in the age of the internet, and social media, is how easy it is to reach a global audience. If you are selling perishable goods, the process might be difficult, but otherwise, it should be fairly simple by teaming up with global shipping partners such as FedEx. Using social media consistently and creatively is a great way to reach an international audience as well!

Negative Reviews Will Ruin My Business:

Negative reviews are never fun to get, but nobody is perfect. What will make or break you is how you respond to the review. A prompt and respectful response will show other customers reading the review that you truly do care about their happiness, and you will do your best to resolve any issues that they have in the future.

Revenue Is The Only Critical Metric Worth Measuring:

Increasing revenue is a major goal of every eCommerce business. But it is not the only metric worth measuring. Looking at your pay-per-clicks, conversions, and even social media insights will help you see where you are excelling and where you could use some improvement. Utilizing all types of metrics will help you improve your website, social presence, SEO, and overall customer satisfaction, which in turn will help you increase revenue.

These myths, along with many others, can hold you back from helping your company reach its full potential. Looking into these areas can help save you a lot of time and effort, and bring your customers much more satisfaction. What are some other eCommerce myths? Let us know in the comments!