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Creating a new ecommerce business, or integrating a new product is a fairly simple concept. If you have a good idea, you start a store or add the product. However, the reality is that there is a lot of research that need to happen before you can determine if your good idea is actually as great as it sounds. Even if your idea is truly something that your customers will love, making sure the market is right during the time you want to make your launch will make a world of difference. So how can you tell if there is a market for your idea, and if now if the right time to launch? Running several of these tests will help you get a good idea of how your business or product will do.

Landing Pages:

A landing page is just a standing page that includes a few key details about your product or idea to see if it can draw in customers. Much less complex than a full website, you can tweak aspects of your landing page to see what people respond to, and what they do not. The most important aspects you need to include are a headline, the benefits your idea brings, and a call-to-action (CTA). The purpose of the headline (or tagline) is to effectively summarize your idea within a sentence or two. Then, let your customers know of the benefits your idea brings. There is a good chance that you have competitors in the market, so point out what makes you unique, why you think they will benefit from your idea, and what problems you are solving. Lastly, a call-to-action will encourage them to make a move towards learning more about your product. It can be as simple as “liking” a social media page or signing up for you email list. Consider adding an extra incentive such as 15% off of their first order if they sign up for your newsletter, or flash sales on social media.

Use A/B Testing:

Getting users to your landing page is a very important first step, but it does not do you much good if you cannot get them to convert by following your CTA. One popular and useful way to test your landing page is by using A/B testing. Create multiple landing pages with one variable each time, and see what customers best respond to. These variables should include things such as your headline, color scheme, benefits, and photos. After running several A/B tests, you should be able to piece together what people are best responding to, and what they did not like. This will allow you to create your best possible page that your customers will love, and significantly increase conversion rates.

Research Your Competitors:

Before you get too invested in your new idea, do some research on your competition in the market. If the product or idea you are selling is over-saturated, you are not likely to be as successful. While there is a chance that your idea is 100% original, it is more likely that there is someone else in the same market as you already, even if they are not selling the exact same product. Instead of getting discouraged, take the friendly competition as a sign that there is enough of a market for both of you (and make sure that is actually the case).

The first step is to identify your competition. A good place to start is a Google search, industry blogs, or a trade show. After you identify a few top competitors, start researching their website and social media. Do they have a lot of followers and engagement? How frequently do they post? How are their reviews? Use factors such as these to help you build your audience when the time comes. Conduct some keyword research as well to see what terms in your industry promote the most traffic, and how they will help you rank on Google. You can also use Google Analytics to collect data.

Before you dive headfirst into a new idea, make sure you do a sufficient amount of research. It is important to know exactly how to go about presenting your business or product once you decide to solidify it, as well as where you fit into the market and how you need to promote against your competition. Doing your research before you start will not only save you time and money, but will help you delight your customers right away when you decide it is the perfect time to launch.

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