Using Instagram To Improve Sales and UX

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Instagram is a fun, visually appealing platform. Although it has been popular since its introduction to the world, Instagram has managed to go through quite a growth spurt in the past few years. Over one billion people actively use Instagram each month, making it a perfect platform for businesses to utilize. The best part about Instagram is you can be any size business to have success on the platform, so it can help smaller companies build a following.

Setting Up An Account:

Before you decide to start an Instagram account, think of what you are going to use it for. If you sell any kind of physical product, it is probably worth having an account. Even if your products are not very exciting, creating a space where you can show them off is a good idea. If you do not have a physical product, you can still create an account but it will be much harder to maintain. Once you decide an account is right for you, sign up for an Instagram for Business account using a business email. Make sure your username is easy for customers to recognize and find (such as your store name) instead of coming up with something clever or silly that will be harder to search. Use your logo or another familiar image as your profile picture, to keep consistent branding. Check to make sure that your image fits in the circle, and the edges are not cut off.

Creating Your Images:

There are several ways you can go about creating Instagram content. When customers click on your profile, the collection of pictures they will see is called your grid. It is named this because the pictures are in rows of three across, and go as far down as your posts go. One of the most important things you can do it make an aesthetically pleasing grid. This means choose what kind of shots you want to post, keep consistency with your brightness and filters, and using a color scheme. Apps such as Preview allow you to see what your grid will look like with new pictures before you post them, and re-arrange the pictures until they are in their best order. This helps eliminate much of the guessing that comes with posting a single picture and hoping it matches your grid.

Decide the tone you want to take with your pictures. Avoid using stock photos or generic photos of your products just sitting somewhere. Add value to your profile by showing customers situations in which they can use your products. This allows them to easily paint a picture of themselves using what you are selling. Pura Vida, a jewelry company, does an excellent job of keeping a consistent grid without getting too monotonous. They show off their jewelry while also showing off the lifestyles of the girls that wear their jewelry.

Stay Engaged:

Customers will turn to your Instagram account to see your products, get a feel for your brand personality, and to connect with you. Many younger customers will even reach out via direct message if they have a question or concern, rather than calling customer service. Respond in a timely manor to increase customer satisfaction and positive reviews. Leaving a response to comments will make customers feeling heard as well. If you are overwhelmed with comments, a simple “like” of their comment will let them know that you are reading their feedback. Writing captions with a Call-To-Action is another good way to get customers engaged. Something simple such as “tag a friend” gets you more exposure and adds more quality content for your customers. You can also make your pictures “shop-able” by tagging a link of the product to the page where customers can purchase it.

Instagram lets users post stories, which can include pictures, videos, or shared posts which disappear after 24 hours. Stories are a great way to let followers know of news, share content users have tagged you in, or run interactive polls followers can vote in.

Instagram is a great platform for brands to show off products, interact with customers, and reach a wide audience. The possibilities to get creative and show off your brand personality are endless. Make sure you set time aside to make sure you are utilizing the features and creating quality content and watch it drive your revenue.

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