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You are probably familiar with blogs, and how important they can be in helping your marketing efforts succeed. If your company has a blog, it is good to evaluate it every so often to see if it is still meeting the needs of your customers and readers. If you do not have a blog, now is the time to start one! While blogs might seem like a lot of time and effort, they are invaluable for your SEO (search engine optimization) and brand. Here are some tips to get started writing or revamping your blog.

Think Of Ideas That Serve Your Audience:

Although you are the one spending the most time and effort on your blog, what you want to write about does not really matter. If you can find a topic that interests you and your reader, great! However, chances are at some point you are going to have to write about a topic that is not your favorite. It is very important to make sure that you are writing about things that will grow you business, delight your customers, and educate readers on your industry. If you are stuck on ideas, try asking a manager, coworkers, or even customers topics they would like to hear about.

Write In A Conversational Tone:

Blogs are meant to be read in a casual tone. Depending on your industry, you will want to keep a somewhat professional tone (avoiding slang and profanity, using correct grammar, etc). Write your blog in a tone that is similar to how you would interact with coworkers and managers in your office. Mimicking that tone will make your blogs easier to read and understand. It will also make your blogs feel as though they were written by a real person explaining the topic, which makes your topics easier to understand and write about.

Proofread And Schedule:

Even the best writers make mistakes! Take a short break from your blog and come back to it with fresh eyes. In addition, sending it to a coworker to look over can be helpful. Give yourself a deadline on the blog so it actually gets published and does not sit in the editing stage for too long. Being consistent with your posts give your audience something to look forward to, and will keep them coming back as they will know when to check for new content. Try posting at new days and times to see what gets the best response, and keep up with your post analytics. Once you find a time that works for you, stick with it!

Create A Clean Layout:

If your blog looks messy or is hard to read, you are going to lose credibility and readers. Make sure your blog matches your brand and website. Create a clean, tidy layout with a professional font. Break your blog posts into sections dictated by headers, and spaced neatly apart. This makes viewing for the reader much easier so they will not get lost in your post and can skip to the section of interest to them if need be. Ideally, they will be reading your whole post, but if the information they came for is too hard to find they will find an easier source. Keep your paragraphs moderately short as well. If your paragraphs or entire blog are too long, they will lose readability.

Creating quality content for your blog can be a challenge, but at the end of the day, it should be fun for you and your readers. If you have a big enough team, try switching between authors to give a fresh perspective and give your blog a more personal touch. If you have one main blogger for your business, don’t be afraid to give them constructive feedback and new ideas.

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