How To Use Your Chatbot To Boost Sales

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If you have browsed the web in recent years, chances are you have come across a chat bot. Chatbots can be a great asset when used correctly and are helpful in a variety of situations. Some of the more common ways to utilize chatbots are to help answer common questions and to speed up response time. One way you might not have considered using your chat bots is to increase sales.

How Can I Use Chatbots For Sales?

Chatbots are designed to mimic human conversation, which makes them an excellent addition to your customer service. Since chatbots are not human, there is not a limit on how many conversations they can run simultaneously. They are able to pull up a customer’s purchase history quickly, gather feedback to be analyzed, and collect and store customer’s information. This information and feedback will help you make the customer’s experience as quick and seamless as possible, and allow you to improve future experiences. Make sure to include a feature that allows customer’s to be re-directed to a human representative if the customer asks a question that is too complex, or that the chatbot is not familiar with.

Identify Chatbot Goals:

Before you decide to start implementing chatbots into your business, decide on your goals and what you want to achieve by using them. The obvious end goal is to increase sales and improve customer experience, but consider the steps between setting your goal and achieving it with the help of chatbots. Make sure that the chatbot experience is worthwhile to the customer, and make sure solutions are personalized to each customer.

Understand The Customer’s Buying Journey:

Having your chatbots recognize where the customer is in their buying journey is important to help make a sale. Have your chatbot know cues to figure out where the customer stand in their decision-making phase. This helps the chatbot know if the customer is qualified or unqualified, and having a course of action if the chatbot does not understand a message. This process is often referred to as a storyline- it helps the chatbot and customer find a solution in a pleasant and timely experience.

Using Chatbots for Accessibility:

Having global customers is great, and increasingly common as online ordering because more and more easy to do. However, you are not always going to be able to be available for a customer who is in another time zone. International customers might get frustrated at the difficulty reaching a representative when they need one, but it is unrealistic for most companies to be open 24/7. Chatbots can help with this immensely. If they cannot resolve the issue or answer the question at hand, program them to send a representative a message so that someone can get back in touch with the customer during regular office hours. The customer will appreciate having the chatbot’s quick response, and you will save time helping them.

Chatbots are not foolproof, but they are a huge help when used correctly. If you are considering chatbots, make sure to make them sound human and personal to each customer. Keep an eye on them and the data they collect to make sure that you are offering your customers the best service that you can, and watch your sales go up.

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