How To Reduce Purchasing Anxiety

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With so many online options, customers can get overwhelmed and anxious when searching for a product. Especially when exploring a new, unfamiliar company, it is easy to get stressed and second guess a purchasing decision. There are several ways you can help ease a customer’s purchasing anxiety and encourage them to shop with you.

Create A Detailed “About Us” Page:

Introducing yourself to your audience helps put them at ease. Add details about your company and your employees. Let them know when you were founded, why your company was created, what your company’s passions are, what steps you take to ensure customer satisfaction, and any other information you think is important or interesting! You can also include bio’s of employees, including their title and contributions to your business, and any fun facts they would like to share. Having a solid “About Us” page helps humanize your business, and puts your audience at ease.

Share Customer Reviews:

Customers are more likely to trust reviews from other customers than they are to trust your word. While you want to highlight positive reviews, don’t be afraid to leave some negative reviews, as long as they are truthful. Your products won’t be the right fit for everyone, and it is better to lose a sale than have disappointed customers. Your potential customers will appreciate your honesty and transparency, which will lead to building trust.

Make Your Return Policy Clear:

There is nothing more frustrating than being disappointed by a product and being stuck with it. Make customers aware of your return policy before they purchase with you so that they are less hesitant to place an order. By not offering a return policy, or having one that is difficult or confusing, your potential buyers are more likely to shop with a competitor. While getting returns is not the goal, having that option available encourages customers to shop with you.

Highlight Your Security Measures:

Digital fraud is something that nobody wants to deal with, so let your customers know how you keep their payments safe and secure. Often, there are badges you can display on your site to let shoppers know that their information is safe and confidential.

Provide Detailed Product Descriptions:

This should sound like a no-brainer, but providing detailed product descriptions can make a big difference in making sales. Take high-quality pictures, explain different uses for the product, and include what demographics would best benefit from your product. If you have similar products, add comparisons so that customers can choose the best one for them. Be sure to include a clear price as well, so they are not surprised when it is time to check out!

Make Yourself Stand Out:

If there is anything your company does especially well, let your customers know! Know who your competitors are and what customers do not like about them, and highlight how you can solve their problems better. Do not tear down or degrade your competitors, but do share what makes you great. Telling customers why you think that your products are exceptional, how you have quick shipping or easily accessible customer service, or anything else that would be pleasing to them encourages them to shop with you.

Online shopping anxiety is real for most customers, so do everything you can to make it a pleasant and seamless experience for them. Although people tend to stick to what is familiar to them, taking the above steps encourages them to branch out and give your company a chance!


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