Pinterest For eCommerce: How To Use Pinterest To Boost Your Brand

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When you are thinking of ways to boost your products and reach customers, Pinterest probably is not the first thing that comes to mind. When Pinterest first started, it was mainly used as an outlet for women to plan their dream wedding, find outfit inspiration, or search for recopies. It has quickly evolved into much more than that and is a great resource for many eCommerce companies. Using Pinterest Analytics and carefully curating your pins can help you maximize your success, and is easy to do.

Why Use Pinterest:

Pinterest has millions of active users who are actively searching for things that they want or need. While most other social networks place a heavy emphasis on keeping in contact with loved ones or following brands and celebrities, Pinterest focuses on curating unique content that adds value to their customer’s lives. Many Pinterest users are active shoppers and are looking for things to purchase, making it a great platform to advertise on.

What Content Should I Share?

Posting a variety of content is best for Pinterest’s success. Product pins are incredibly useful, and one of the most common types of pins. When Pinterest users find your product pin, they can save it or click on it to go to your product page immediately. Product pins are one of the best types for ROI.

Blogs and similar content can do very well on Pinterest. While they do not lead directly to your products, they do add value to your customer’s lives. If they enjoy reading your blogs, they are more likely to trust you and shop for your products. Videos can also be helpful, as they are eye-catching and allow you to share more information than you could in a picture.

Try Collaborations:

Pinterest allows you to have group boards, which means that several users can pin to the same board. Once the host creates the board, they can invite other users and moderate what goes onto the board. If there is another industry expert or partner you’ve worked with, they might be a great person to collaborate with! Collaborating will help both of you grow your audience and will ensure regular content being posted and shared.

Most users also create boards for fun- such as fun DIY projects, recipes, or anything else that might add value to their customers. Don’t be afraid to re-pin from other users. Not only will this help get your account seen by more people, but it will save you from having to create every pin that you save. Many users have some great ideas or fun pins, so go ahead and save them for your followers to see!

Pinterest Analytics:

Once you have some pins up on your business account, you can track how they are doing using the Pinterest Analytics tool. On your business hub, there is a drop-down menu titled “Analytics”. From there, you can get an overview, audience insights, conversion insights, video metrics, or trends. Just like many other analytics programs, keeping up with these can help you see what your audience likes, what current trends you could try, and where you could use improvement.

While Pinterest does operate a bit differently than traditional social media, using it can be a great chance to expand your audience and grow your brand. There is excellent potential for selling, so keep up with best Pinterest practices and have some fun! Do you use Pinterest? What is your favorite thing about it? Let us know in the comments!

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