Working From Home: Starting A Business Without Leaving Your House

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When many people think of businesses, they think of big office spaces, chatting with coworkers in the break room, and gathering for meetings. With many people practicing social distancing to keep themselves and others healthy and safe, now is a great time to try working remotely.If you have been looking to try something new and different during your self-quarantine, this is the time to think about starting an at-home business.

How To Get Started:

Think about a hobby or skill that you have, or one that you’ve been wanting to learn, and think of ways to monetize it. There is a niche market for many different products, services, and games. Do some research to see where these markets are, and how to reach them. Look into who your competitors are, how much they are selling products or services for, and how much you’d like your starting prices to be. Mapping out a budget is helpful, especially if you will be selling physical products with a supply cost. Having a plan will help you get what you need to succeed, and help you stay driven.

Pros Of A Home Business:

One of the best parts about running a home business is that it typically has very few overhead costs. Since you are living and working in the same space, you can condense your bills and potentially claim a tax deduction. Working from your home also gives you a lot of flexibility to work when you can as well as fit in every day errands and appointments without having to take time off. You are able to create the best space for yourself and your work needs, without having to take into consideration employees.

Cons Of A Home Business:

It can be challenging to set up a space for yourself that is a designated work space, rather than just another area in your house. If you have room, setting up a desk or office room can be beneficial to productivity. If you enjoy working with people, switching to mainly virtual interactions might be a challenge leaving you feeling lonely. It also can be difficult to find times to collaborate or discuss ideas with others, as you will not be in the same building with anyone you’re working with.

Home Business Ideas:

There is a wide variety of services and goods that you can sell online from the comfort of your home. For anyone that enjoys crafting, the online market for handmade items is continually growing. Turn your downtime hobby into a way to make a little bit of extra cash and delight others! Items such as embroidery, coffee mugs, or custom paint by numbers have been growing rapidly in popularity.

Another service that has been gaining in popularity is online games and services. Creating online games is easy in the aspect that it does not require supplies like craft projects do. Not only is creating online games a great way to show off your current skills or learn some new ones, but you will also bring joy to others by creating entertainment for them. One of the best parts about games are the diversity in them, ensuring fun for all ages. Between online solitaire, fictional outer space exploration, spooky monster hunting, there is no limit to what you can create. You can even virtually explore airports, which is especially fun during this time of social distancing.

There is really no limit to the type of business you can run from your home. This is a very small sample of some business ideas, but the list of possibilities is endless. If you are thinking about starting your own software business, we would love to work with you! Check out our FAQ page or reach out directly at to learn more.


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