Social Mentions: What They Are And Why They Matter

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People love to talk and express their opinions, especially when they can do it online. Chances are, people are talking about your brand, whether you are aware of it or not. Tracking your social mentions is important if you have any kind of online presence, and it is easier to do than you might think.

What Are Social Mentions?

Social mentions are posts where your brand is mentioned on social platforms. This includes posts where you are tagged as well as places where people are talking about your brand without a tag. If you are tagged in the social mention, the social user is trying to get your attention. If you are not tagged, they are simply trying to discuss your brand or ask other users any questions they have. Both types of social mentions can be positive or negative, so it is important to keep an eye on both! Social mentions are commonly found on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit, but can include any social platform where users can interact with one another.

Why Are Social Mentions Important?

Social mentions give you insight into what your audience is saying about you- both the good and the bad. It also means that people are talking about your brand and creating brand awareness. Keeping up with your social mentions allows you to monitor what is being said about you, what your audience likes, and what you need to improve on.

Why Should I Monitor Social Mentions?

One of the best reasons to monitor your social mentions is to help humanize your brand. Customers often forget that there are real people on the other end of the screen wanting to provide them with the best possible experience. By liking or responding to comments that you have been mentioned in, you can show off your brand personality and build relationships.

Keeping an eye on your social mentions can help serve as an early warning system if something goes wrong. If your customers are unhappy about a product, or if something isn’t working on your website, people are likely to talk about it on social media. Becoming aware of the issue before you start getting emails or phone calls from upset customers can help you resolve it quickly and efficiently. This also helps set a high standard for your customer service and builds trust.

Many social media users will turn to the brand’s socials to ask a question or voice a complaint. By responding to these comments and messages, you show your entire audience that you are listening to them and taking their questions, complaints, and suggestions seriously. Even if the question is too complex to answer in a comment, guide them to the appropriate way to contact your customer service team. If they make suggestions, pass them along to your team! The goal is to make your customers happy, so if they are telling you what they want, do your best to implement their suggestions.

Monitoring your social mentions can help you boost your social proof tremendously. People tend to follow the actions of others, so if they are unsure how to feel about a situation they are going to read the comments and see how others are reacting. By tracking your social mentions, you can help create a positive environment around your brand.

Social mentions can help you learn from your audience and connect with them. It is one of the best ways to grow your relationships and learn how you can continue to improve! Do you monitor your social mentions? What results have you seen?

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