5 Types Of Online Shoppers

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One of the main goals of any business is to draw in more customers, and retain the customers that they already have. While this is an important goal, not all online shoppers are looking for the same thing. By getting familiar with the different types of customers, you can appeal to their needs and strategize how to encourage them to shop with you. Here are 5 of the most common types of online shoppers, and how you can give them the best experience.

Window Shoppers:

Online window shoppers are looking for inspiration, gifts, or entertainment. Since they do not have a goal in mind, they can be hard to convert. To draw in a window shopper, make your products as vivid as possible for them. Since they cannot physically see your products, try to make it clear what they would be getting by adding videos, close-up shots, and a detailed description. Sharing some of your most popular products on your home page is another great way to reel them in by showing them that other customers love what you have to offer.

Impulse Shoppers:

Impulse shoppers are not looking for a certain product- they just stumble upon something that they can’t pass up. One of the best ways to draw in impulse buyers is by targeted ads. If they are casually scrolling through social media and see your product, they might realize that they have to have it. Once they arrive at the landing page, make sure that you have clear, crisp photos to continue drawing them in and an easy checkout system. Make sure that your product description is accurate- you do not want them to be disappointed with their purchase, but rather excited so they will become a repeat customer.

Information Gatherers:

Information gatherers are on the hunt for a specific product, and are shopping around to find the best fit for them. They are in the process of researching and weighing their options. Make it easy for them by guiding their research and making it easy to find the product and information that they are looking for. Give them detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and any little pieces of information that they might find helpful. If you sell to a niche market, offer information on your products or industry that will help them better understand what is the best fit for them.

Need-Based Shoppers:

Need-based shoppers know exactly what they are looking for, and are ready to purchase as soon as they find it. Help them out by making your products easy to find and optimizing your product pages for search engines. If they do a quick search for the product and it comes up quickly and easily, they will be pleased with the ease of their purchase. Be sure to include any information that they might need to choose the correct version of the product, and keep an updated FAQ page for any questions they might have. By giving them all of the information that they need, they are more likely to complete their purchase.

Loyal Customers:

Loyal customers are customers you want to keep- they have shown that they enjoy your products, and have likely recommended them to others. To retain your loyal customers, start a loyalty program where they can build points to receive discounts or be the first to know about new products and sales. With their permission, send them email keeping them in the loop about anything new or exciting. They are important to your business, so make them feel special and reward them for their loyalty!

Knowing what types of online shoppers there are helps you optimize your website to accommodate each one. Help them identify their needs and find what they are looking for quickly and seamlessly to offer the best shopping experience.

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