How To Determine If TikTok Is Right For Your Business

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With TikTok’s continuing rise in popularity, it is hard to ignore the app. With 1 billion users, TikTok has grown to include quite a variety of audiences and topics. Although this makes it tempting to jump on the TikTok bandwagon, there are some questions you should ask yourself before creating an account for your business.

Is My Audience On TikTok?

While it seems like everyone is on TikTok these days, that doesn’t necessarily mean that your audience is. If you have a personal TikTok account, take a look to see if any of your competitors are on the app, and what kind of content they are putting out. TikTok can be great for expanding your audience as well, but if nobody is looking for the kind of content you are creating, your time is probably better spent on other platforms.

Can I Provide Value On TikTok?

If you decide that you would like to target an audience that is active on TikTok, think about what value you can bring them. For some businesses, this is easy, for others, not as much. Since TikTok tends to be a very casual platform, professional-sounding sales pitches won’t get you very far. You also want to make sure that you make videos that are both entertaining and informative, so you are not wasting your time creating videos that are fun but have no value.

Does TikTok Offer Anything Different?

While TikTok is unique in its own right, that doesn’t mean it’s going to provide you with more than your other channels are. Can you make your brand personality mesh with what you would need to be successful on TikTok? Are you able to show off your products or services in a creative, short video? There are many opportunities for you to switch up your usual content on TikTok, but make sure you stay true to your brand.

Do I Have The Time And Resources For TikTok?

TikTok videos can be quick to make once you get the hang of them, but changing trends and endless streams of content mean that you need to be putting out videos consistently to be seen. Many users post on TikTok several times a week, if not several times a day. Creating that many videos can become very time-consuming, and could take away time spent on other platforms and tasks. If you are new to making TikToks, it can take a while to get the hang of transitions and take you a while to put your own spin on popular trends. It absolutely can be done- but it might not be worth it for you.

What Opportunities Does TikTok Offer?

It is undeniable that TikTok can bring you some great opportunities to grow your brand. Although the app started out catering to Gen-Z, it has rapidly grown to include older audiences as well. Many people turn to TikTok for product reviews, or to discover new products, making it a great place to advertise. TikTok has become very influential on many customers’ purchasing decisions, with TikTok viral products flying off of shelves. If you decide to create a TikTok account and want to put in the work, there is the possibility that it could help your brand grow tremendously.

The bottom line is that TikTok is not for everyone, but it is a great platform for many people. Before you decide to create a TikTok account, come up with some video ideas, create a schedule, and be willing to commit time and effort to consistently posting. If you decide that TikTok is not for you, that’s okay too! There are plenty of other platforms where you can get creative and connect with your audience. Do you have a TikTok account? Have you ever purchased anything after seeing it on TikTok?

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