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Customer satisfaction is key. This is true for any business, no matter where you are or what kind of services or products it is that you are offering. You want your customers to be satisfied and to come back to you with their repeat business and possible recommendations of your business to other customers just like them. Customers come with high expectations of seeing their needs met. They bring their questions and concerns to the customer service department and they want an answer; they need help. If they do not receive help or if their questions are ignored, chances are they will take their business elsewhere. Chances are they will not recommend you to other potential customers looking for the same type of product or service that you are selling. A great customer service experience should be the norm – but as we know, this is not always the case. As has been said before in the space of this blog, BMT Micro is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service, where we treat everyone with respect,

  • by keeping a respectful tone in all our conversations with customers:
  • by referring to our customers by name, thus showing that to us, a customer is not just a purchase number or an order ID, but a real, living, breathing individual, just like ourselves, who deserves the acknowledgment of their person;
  • by treating each customer’s question individually and personally, instead of offering a canned “one size fits all” type of message, which sometimes shows to be all too common in customer interactions online;
  • by responding in a timely fashion to emails and phone messages;
  • by attempting, through the means available to us, to answer our customers’ questions and fulfill their needs;
  • by valuing and welcoming continuous feedback on our customer service.

How can we help?
Many of our vendors’ customers contact us through the many means of communication that we have available for their convenience; whether it be by phone, email or over social media. BMT Micro’s representatives are knowledgeable and ready to assist with all matters related to ordering, paying, and in some regards, to downloading of specific products or the activation/deactivation of codes, passwords, etc. Whether you are a customer of a specific product or a vendor looking for a payment processor to help with your sales, the expectation here at BMT Micro is, that when you contact us, you will be met by an upbeat, polite, helpful and knowledgeable customer or vendor service representative, who will great you by name and assist you with the specific needs that you are contacting us about. How can we help? What is your need and when do you need it? BMT Micro’s office hours are 9-4 EST Monday-Friday, but customer service representatives will respond to emails and authorize queued orders on weekends and off-hours, as time and circumstances allow. Even though we aim for a prompt answer to your question, please be aware that you may find yourself in Australia – or in a completely different time zone – and we are in the US; therefore, an answer to your inquiry may not be immediate. However, we hear you, we have received your message, and we will answer it as soon as possible. Your questions and comments are opportunities for us to further our service and further our business towards new possibilities.

Working together.
Customer service, as any other type of interaction between humans, is a partnership and a collaboration. When a customer contacts a business with a problem or a question, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide that business, or its customer service branch, with the information necessary to respond to that problem or question. For BMT Micro, this would mean a customer providing for instance the order ID number, the email or name under which the order was made, payment method(s), address information, etc; something that can help us help you. Customer and customer service must work together. If a customer contacts customer service with incomplete information, the process may take longer since we will have to dig deeper to find the root of the question asked. The responsibility of customer service is to provide you with the aid you need and to make sure that your purchase experience through our company is a positive one. Information is key – but patience is also needed.

It is understandable that any customer, who has spent time and money on ordering a product, may be upset or disappointed if a problem arises with that purchase or the product. At times, this is reflected within our customer service communications: customers may be angry because they haven’t been sent their download link immediately. Please understand that many factors may play a role in whatever circumstance you are facing with your order. In most cases, customers receive their orders or a response from customer service within mere minutes; other times, it may take longer, e.g. if the problem or question demands further investigation or communication with a third party participant (such as a bank or the developer of a product). BMT Micro will make sure to keep you aware of any and all progress and we will be in constant communication with you to ensure that you are notified of any resolution to the matter that may come our way. Some things simply take a little bit more time.

An optimal customer service experience is a collaboration between, on the one hand, a dedicated, knowledgeable staff, who is ready to assist and who does so in a timely and courteous fashion, respecting all, treating all as valued individuals with individualized needs and wants, and, on the other hand, a customer ready to provide the customer service staff with the information needed for the completion of the customer service interaction and process. As for BMT Micro, which interacts not only with customers of products, but also customers of our payment processing and order fulfillment services (vendors and developers of products), the collaboration is twofold, where each agent plays their own specific part.

Our customer service department is available by phone at +1 910 792 9100 and by email at

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