How To Improve Your Customer Experience

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When interacting with a store as a customer, you are looking to have a positive, enjoyable experience. Having a positive customer experience is significant in a buyer’s decision to shop with a business again- or not. Happy customers can have a huge impact on your brand, so take a look at your customer experience and see if there are areas you can improve to give them the best experience possible.

What Is Customer Experience?

Customer Experience (CX) is how customers perceive any interaction they have with your company. This includes even the smallest interactions- taking a quick look at a social media account, reading a product description, or learning more about your values. A positive customer experience can be the difference between a customer recommending you to their family and friends, or warning people away from shopping with you. CX differs from User Experience (UX), although the two work together. Customer Experience is the impression a customer has based on all of the interactions they have had with your brand, while User Experience is how customers use and perceive your products.

Why Is Customer Experience Important?

Aside from simply wanting to please your customers, CX can have some great benefits. Having a positive CX increases customer loyalty, meaning that you will increase your retention rate. If a customer is happy with their experience with you, they are much more likely to write you a good review, recommend you to family and friends, and even post about you on social media! When a customer is satisfied, they want to share their experience so other people in their lives can also benefit. If your customer has a bad experience or even a mediocre one, they are likely to write less-than-seller reviews and warn others away from shopping with you. Chewy is a fantastic example of a company focused on CX. Although their products can be found in many stores, they go above and beyond by writing customers’ pets hand-written birthday cards, having exceptional customer service, and even occasionally surprising pet owners with paintings of their pets! The products are not what makes them well-loved among pet owners, their emphasis on CX is.

How To Improve Customer Experience:

One of the easiest ways to see how your CX is doing is by simply asking your customers. Ask them to fill out a brief survey, or leave you a quick review. While not all customers will participate, many will be willing as long as it is quick.

Take a look at your customer service emails and support tickets. How quickly are you helping to resolve your customer’s issues? Are the same problems frequently arising? Your customer service representatives hear first-hand the concerns that your customers have,

Pay attention to social media. Are you responding to direct messages and comments in a timely manner? Are people talking about your brand? What are they saying? This can all give you insight to how your customer’s CX is, and it is fairly easy to find. Consider using a site that allows you to track keywords, such as your name or a popular product you sell, to get alerts when customers are talking about you.

Keeping track of your customer’s journey is the key to providing them with the best CX. Listen to what your customers have to say, and make changes and improvements as you continue learning what they want. What do you to provide a great customer experience? What businesses have you had the best experience with?


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