How To Land On Instagram’s Explore Page

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Growing your social media accounts and gaining exposure can be tricky, especially on Instagram. Running promoted content or sponsored ads are popular ways to get exposure, and be a very effective way to gain followers and customers. However, if you are looking for organic reach, Instagram’s Explore page is the way to go.

What Is The Explore Page?

The Explore page is a collection of public content curated for each individual user. This includes photos, videos, reels, and stories, and hashtags. Once a user clicks on content that interests them, it opens a feed of similar content that they can scroll through. When they want to look at something else, they can exit out back to their explore page.

How Does The Explore Page Algorithm Work?

Unlike your home feed, the Explore page is meant to be an unconnected network. Instagram looks at accounts the user follows, what type of content they “like” the most, what they do not interact with as often, locations and hashtags they follow or like accounts popular with their demographic, or accounts their friends follow.

How Do I Get On The Explore Page?

If you want success on the Explore page, first get to know your target demographic. Look at your Instagram analytics, but also at your business account’s Explore page. What types of posts seem to do the best? Are their captions or visual styles that grab the audience’s attention more than others? Is there another demographic you could consider targeting that would be a good consumer for your product?

Once you have an idea of who you are targeting, start sharing some content based off of what they like. While you want to stay true to your brand image, you do not have to only make content promoting your brand. Make entertaining content that they will enjoy watching, and sharing with their friends and followers. Try branching out to making reels or videos if you are feeling motivated!

Getting an active following is another great way to find yourself on the explore page. Audience engagement is important for a number of reasons, but having likes, shares, and saves on your posts helps boost you to an even larger audience. There are so many ways to get engagement, so test out different methods and do what works best for you! Running contests, encouraging your audience to tag their friends, create polls, or share fun content. If your page is entertaining, you are more likely to boost your following and end up on the Explore page.

Using appropriate tags can also help land you on the Explore page. If someone is interested in a certain hashtag or geotag, they can search it on Instagram. If your content matches up with the type of content that they are looking for, there’s a good chance you’ll end up on their Explore page! If your posts within a certain tag become increasingly popular than you will continue to get on more and more Explore pages and continue to expand your audience!

Giving your target audience what it wants to see while staying true to your brand, is the best way to land on the Explore page. The organic reach you can achieve through these methods is limitless, so keep an eye on your analytics and product consistent content and watch how your brand grows! Do you use the Explore page feature? Have you discovered any new content you love?

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