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If you have a Twitter account, you have probably noticed that some profiles feature a blue badge with a check mark next to their name. This is an indication that the account is verified, signaling that they are credible and authentic. Sometimes individuals are verified, but often times it is businesses that strive for this status. Here are some reasons you should consider getting your Twitter account verified, and steps you can take to get there.

What Is Verification?

Simply put, verification means that you are who you say that you are. Becoming verified helps you build credibility, helps promote you to people who might be interested in your account, and lets anyone searching for you see that you are the legitimate profile for your business. The size of your business and your Twitter profile do not matter, as long as you are putting out authentic content that does not violate Twitter’s policy. Verification does not come with any endorsements, it only gives you credibility for being who you say you are. If you are trying to build a steady audience and increase your customer base, this can be very helpful in gaining their trust.

How To Get Verified:

Your first step should be making sure that your profile is optimized. This includes adding a bio, a profile picture, and a heading picture. Use high-quality pictures, and update them every so often. If you have a tweet that users have responded well to, pin it at the top of your profile so that others visiting your page can see it.

The next step is to make sure that you stay active on your account! If you never use Twitter, you are less likely to be verified and gain followers. One of the best parts about Twitter is how versatile it is. You can post jokes, news, company updates, pictures, videos, and links. Your followers will even see content that you’ve “liked” on their feed, which allows your name to come up even when you are not posting content.

Engagement is another way to help your Twitter get verified. Liking and re-tweeting appropriate tweets, starting conversations, and even hosting live Q&A sessions are great ways to get your followers involved! If you are getting direct messages or users are mentioning you in their tweets, make sure to respond in a timely manner. Look up some popular hashtags to use in your tweets to reach a larger audience, and to keep up with what the current trends are.

Using photo and video in your tweets is attention-catching, and can help spark engagement. Since Twitter has a character limit of 280, using media to help get your message across can be valuable. Make sure to add a caption to your media, even if you just use a hashtag or two. This helps explain the content of the media, and makes it look more put together.

Know The Rules:

One of the most important steps in getting (and staying) verified is to be aware of Twitter’s Rules, and follow them. Twitter does not tolerate violence of any kind, illegal activity, along with other sensitive content. If you violate these rules, they will take your content down. If you continue to break the rules, they will ban you. Their rules tend to be easy to follow, but if you have material you are questions it is always best to refer to their help page.

While getting verified is not a make it or break it deal, it does help grow your audience and your credibility quickly. Be sure to stay active, schedule out a Twitter marketing plan, and interact with your followers for a successful account.


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