Tips on Building Customer Trust For Your eCommerce Website

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Online shopping has grown rapidly in popularity for good reason- it offers convenience and a huge variety of options that are not always available to customers in-store. However, online shopping lacks the human connection and trust that traditional stores offer. With so many scammers and businesses that do not deliver the products that they promise their customers, many people are wary of purchasing from businesses they are not familiar with. Building trust with your audience helps reassure them and increases brand awareness and loyalty. Although quality products speak for themselves, there are extra steps you can take to build trust.

Tell Your Story:

Every business has a story, so tell yours and let your audience get to know you better! Update your “About Us” page to include why your business was started, why you are passionate about what you do, and what makes you stand out. Include a mission statement or company values to attract shoppers with similar values.

Showing your behind-the-scenes is also a great way to share your story. Sharing a fun office space, how your products are made, or a day in the life helps give personality to your brand.

Be Clear:

Simplicity is often the way to go when designing your website and product descriptions. Customers are looking for a website that is easy to navigate, and product descriptions that make sense. Adding photos and videos helps paint a clear idea of what they will be getting when they order from you. Make sure to include reviews from previous customers so that they can be sure they are getting products that are going to fill their needs.

Add a detailed FAQ section, and update it as you get new questions. While you don’t need to include every question you’ve ever been asked, you should answer common ones. Make sure your contact information is easily available as well in case they have further questions, or need to reach out about an order.

Focus On Customer Service:

If a customer has a question or concern, they want it addressed at quickly as possible. Offering exceptional customer service is one of the best ways to build trust with your audience. Long response times, not resolving their issue quickly, or dismissing their problems drives customers away. Even if you are frustrated dealing with an unhappy customer, stay calm and professional while dealing with their issue. Companies like Chewy and Amazon are known for their customer service, making them a top choice for many customers when it comes to online shopping.

Highlight Your Security:

Letting your customers know what measures you take to keep their personal information safe helps ease their minds. Companies of any size are targets for hackers, and your audience wants to know that their information is in good hands. Displaying security badges, offering multiple safe and secure payment options, and letting them know what you are doing with their information helps keep peace of mind. A Privacy Policy page allows you to display this information and shows that you are serious about protecting them.

Once you have earned your customer’s trust, it is easier to grow your loyal customer base. Make sure that you are giving your customers the best possible experience, own up to any mistakes you make, and listen to any feedback you get. Your customers are the heart of your business, so treat them with kindness and respect and you will gain their loyalty and trust.

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