Predicted Social Media Trends for 2024

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Social media trends are always changing- once you finally get the hang of one trend, everyone is on to the next. Learning about trend predictions can help you get a head start on what your audience is looking for. Now that we are a couple of months into the year, social media trends are starting to emerge. If you want to stay on top of your social media game, here are some trends that are predicted to be popular in 2024.

Longer Videos:

Short videos have been reigning supreme, with audience’s attention spans declining over the years. This year, however, longer videos are predicted to be making a comeback. Popular platforms like Instagram and TikTok have been increasing their maximum video lengths, allowing creators to make longer videos, rather than several shorter ones. Surprisingly, audiences have been responding well to these longer videos. Before you start maxing out your video length on TikTok or Reels, keep in mind that longer doesn’t always mean long– avoid unnecessary information, but allow yourself the freedom to fully explain topics or products!

Social Media As A Search Engine:

More and more people are turning to social media platforms for information they previously would have looked up on a search engine. Audiences are looking for reviews, tutorials, and information about products. Creating videos to educate them and show off your product or service will help fill that need, and keep them from turning to your competitors. Make sure you use appropriate hashtags to make your videos easy to find!

Photo Dumps:

“Photo dumps” are when you include multiple pictures in one post. They typically have some kind of theme or a similar aesthetic. Photo dumps have been gaining popularity because you can tell longer stories through pictures, give your audience more information, and better show off your personality. TikTok even added a photo feature, so audiences can do a photo dump on the video-heavy app. Check out the photo dump hashtag to see what all the hype is about!

Casual Content:

Many social media users are looking for content that has a more laid-back vibe. Instead of getting dressed up and using a more formal tone, many audiences want to feel like they are on a call with a friend. Casual tone, laid-back style, and ordinary backgrounds help add to authenticity. While lighting and overall video quality are still important, videos that look like they’ve been shot on an iPhone, rather than with a professional camera, are what audiences love.

Product Placement:

Product placement in videos is rapidly gaining popularity. Creators will “get ready” or go about their day while telling stories, making it the perfect opportunity for them to show off what products they are using without directly talking about the products. Say the creator is doing their nighttime skincare routine while talking- their followers are likely to compliment them on their skin and ask what products they use to achieve their results. Then, the creator can let them know or make a second video explaining what products they use, and why they love them. Although this isn’t a new or revolutionary idea, it is one that has become very effective.

Social media trends are ever-changing, but being aware of these 2024 trends can help inspire you to make the most out of your social media! What are your favorite current trends? What do you predict will be big this year in social media?

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