Keeping Customers Happy: Tips For Exceptional Customer Service

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In order to run a successful eCommerce business, there are many pieces of your business that need to run smoothly. It is inevitable that at some point, something won’t be satisfactory to the customer, or a mistake will be made. Having an exceptional customer service team can help you avoid smooth over issues you and your customers face, and help build a good reputation for your brand. Here are some tips and tricks to help your customer service stand out.

What Is eCommerce Customer Service?

Customer service for eCommerce covers any assistance customers might need. This can include technical issues customers are encountering, questions or concerns they might have, and help with purchases or returns. For eCommerce companies, this is done primarily online through email, live chat, or social media channels, although having a customer service phone number is a great option as well!

How To Have Exceptional Customer Service:

Having great customer service doesn’t have to be difficult. Start by creating a FAQ page that is easy to find on your website. Many times, customers will turn for answers there before reaching out, saving them the trouble of contacting a representative. Keep your FAQ page updated by tracking questions that customers frequently ask, and removing any questions that might be dated. The faster they can find an answer, the happier they will be!

If customers do need to speak with a representative, make sure that your contact information and hours are easy to find. Do not advertise 24/7 help if you are hard to reach on the weekends, or after certain hours. If they have difficulty finding a phone number or email address, their frustration will escalate by the time they are able to reach you.

Check your social media DM’s frequently. Many customers will choose to reach out via social media. These messages can get lost in your “message requests” folder, as they will not send you a notification. Make sure to check these folders frequently, and pass on the appropriate contact information if you cannot assist the customer via direct message.

Resolve issues that customers are having as quickly as possible. Do not over apologize, but also do not blame them for any mistakes on their end. Nobody likes dealing with order issues, and a little kindness can go a long way. Ask the appropriate question to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible without rushing through the process. If the order issue is on your end, offer an apology and a brief explanation of what went wrong. Then, offer a solution. You do not want to keep customers waiting for a solution, whether that is a refund, a replacement, an exchange, or any other resolution. Make the process as quick and easy as possible for them. If you take out your frustrations on a customer or do not offer a suitable solution for them, they are more likely to turn to one of your competitors and leave you negative reviews. If you notice multiple customers reaching out about the same issue, look into the root of the problem so you can fix it for future customers.

Respond to customers, especially when they leave you reviews. If they compliment your product or service, thank them for their business and invite them to shop with you again in the future. If they leave a negative review, reach out and ask them to contact you to rectify the situation. Responding to reviews helps show your audience that you do care that they get quality service from you, and their voice matters.

A good customer service strategy revolves around your customers, and doing your best to meet their needs. Remain calm and be kind, and treat everyone with respect. If you are looking for excellent customer service and help selling your eCommerce products, check out our website and sign up with BMT Micro today!


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