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Using Instagram can be tricky. You post a carefully shot and edited photo or video, waiting for the likes and comments to come. With the ever-changing algorithm, sometimes your posts don’t even show up on your audience’s feed. While there is not much you can do about this (besides continuing to post content your audience enjoys) you can drive Instagram users to your profile via Instagram Stories.

What Are Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories are posts that appear for 24 hours, allowing you to share content that will not appear on your profile. Stories appear at the top of the Instagram feed, and are viewed by clicking on a user’s icon.

Why Should I Use Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories offer many benefits. First off, they help you promote content that might not be showing up on your follower’s feeds. They also allow you to share content that might not go with the theme of your feed, and lets you post extra content without over-sharing. Posting fun content on your stories can help increase your followers, and drive users to your account.

What Should I Post On My Story?

There are endless options when it comes to Instagram stories. Use your stories to show off new or popular products you have, and add a shopping link to encourage users to purchase. You can also show off products that might not be doing as well as you’d hoped, to bring positive attention to them.

Your stories provide a great opportunity to show off behind-the-scenes, or fun company outings. Show users the process of how their favorite products are made, office fun, cute pets, or anything else you think they would enjoy!

Instagram stories have a poll feature, which you can use to have some fun with your audience. Creating polls on their favorite products and how they use them feels like a game to them, but can offer you insight on what they like. You can also make holiday or seasonal themed polls, or anything else that is just for fun!

Stories also offer a multiple choice quiz option. This is fun and interactive- similarly to the polls, you can use it for either fun or research. Try running a quiz on your company history, fun facts about your products, or themed trivia questions.

You can share other account’s posts to your story, as long as the account is public. Aside from sharing content that is eye-catching, it can help you support and build relationships with other brands. While you might not want to share their products (especially if they are a competitor) sharing inspirational quotes or fun pictures is an easy way to entertain your audience while introducing them to an account you enjoy.

Instagram stories are a good outlet to share news, such as holiday closures or if you are running low on a certain product. Since these are usually not announcements you need to stay on your feed, your story is the perfect place to get the word out.

Instagram stories are a lot of fun, and have many uses. You can educate, entertain, and research- whatever you think is going to serve you and your audience best! What do you like to see on Instagram stories? What is your favorite thing to share on yours?

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