Getting Started With Facebook Video Ads

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With so many different platforms and types of media, it can be easy to overlook ways to reach your audience. Facebook video ads are a fun and creative way to advertise or educate your followers, and can be fairly simple to create. If you’ve been considering making a video ad for Facebook, here are some things to consider and tips to get you started.

Why You Should Consider A Facebook Video Ad:

Facebook has over 2.8 billion active monthly users– that’s a huge audience at your fingertips! Although Facebook is not primarily a video-sharing platform, like YouTube, video ads tend to have high engagement when done correctly. Facebook videos can help re-engage your audience, drive them to your website, educate them, and introduce them to new products or features. Videos can be more interactive and descriptive than simply writing about a product, or posting a picture.

Types Facebook Videos Ads:

There are several types of video ads that you can choose from. The first is in-stream video ads. These are basically short commercials that play before another video. If you choose you to use this method, keep in mind that your audience is not going to be as interested in what you have to say, as they will be waiting for their main video. Often they are given the option to skip the ad, so there is a good chance that only the first few seconds of your video will be viewed. In-feed ads show up on the user’s feed as organic content. This is a very popular and effective method to reach your audience and grab their attention. You can also choose to do Facebook Story ads or ads on the Facebook Video feed. Typically, In-feed ads are a good choice, especially if you are new to Facebook ads.

How To Get Started:

Your first step is to choose an objective. What do you hope to accomplish from creating this video? Some common objectives include engagement, traffic, increasing your reach, or conversions. When uploading your ad to Facebook, they will ask you to select your objective as well. Next, think of who you want to target. Take into consideration age, gender, location, income, interests, and anything else that can help you reach your audience. Consider if you want to try to expand your audience, or reach out to your current audience.

Now it is time to make your video! Decide what type of video you want to create. There are really no limits here, so take into account what your target audience would respond best to. There are a few types of videos that tend to do well and are easy to make for beginners. Product tutorials are a great way to get into Facebook Video Ads. Showing your audience tips and tricks on how to use your products is engaging, and can help show them new ways that they could use your product. They are easy to make, fun to watch, and educational!

Another great category of Facebook Video ads is product reveals. If you choose to do a product reveal, create some excitement around the big reveal on your social media channels. Announce that you have something new coming, and keep that excitement going with your video!

Testimonial videos are another great way to reach your audience. This requires a little more creativity, as you either have to coordinate with customers who are willing to film a review or find a way to make written reviews interesting. Customers tend to trust other customers, so showing your audience the positive impact your product can have will help build interest in your brand.

Facebook Video ads let you show off your creativity, your brand, and your products! Be sure to keep in mind the length of your video, and use high-quality videos. Have you ever made a video ad for Facebook? What is your favorite Facebook video ad you’ve seen?

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I’ve been wanting to advertise on facebook for a long time, but I didn’t know about it. It’s been a very good article, I’ve learned most of the things I don’t know thanks to this article, thank you.

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