Timing Is Everything: When To Post On Social Media

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Social media is popular among customers for so many reasons- it is a fun way to stay connected with people, learn new things, and just relax with some mindless scrolling. As a brand, you work hard to create content that your customers enjoy, and profiles that show off your personality. When putting in all of that hard work, you want your posts to reach a wide audience. Ever-changing algorithms can make it tricky to know when, exactly, to post. So when should you share your content, and are all social media platforms created equal?

Is There A Best Time To Post?

Each platform has it’s own algorithm, which means that each one is different. Posting at a time when your target audience is active is the easiest and simplest way to improve your organic reach. This will vary depending on the platform you are looking at, who your audience is, and the type of post. Finding out when your audience is online, and how many times a day or week they check each platform is a great start.

Keep Track Of Past Posts:

Look at your past posts and see what your audience responded to, and what they didn’t. Aside from the content of the posts, did the timing seem to make a difference? How did the awareness, engagement, and traffic vary? Finding an analytic tool can help you keep track of all of your accounts. Some platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, have built-in insights to help you perform your best.

Cater To Your Audience:

Make sure you take into account the time zone your audience lives in. Posting new content during times when they are not awake or available to be online doesn’t help you out, and is a waste of time and effort. Pay attention to when the peak times are for your demographic and time zone, and make sure your posts go up accordingly. Consider scheduling your posts if you think they would do best during a time where you might be sleeping or busy, so that they will still reach your audience at the best time. If you have a big following in a certain country, consider creating several social media accounts dedicated to their region in addition to your main account. This can help them keep up with what is going on in their area in regards to your products, and also makes it easier to target posts.

Stay Trendy:

Keep up with the latest trends, so that you can stay on top of audience habits. For example, TikTok got extremely popular with an older audience in 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic caused everyone to spend a lot more time at home than they were used to. Looking for a fun and interactive new app, many people turned to TikTok. Previously, TikTok was mainly used by a much younger audience and was not as suitable for brands geared towards adults. Keeping up with lifestyle changes such as these will help you find the best time to post, by knowing when and how often your audience will be using these platforms.

In short, there is no magic time to guarantee a successful post. Knowing your audience and keeping up with your data is the best way to ensure that they will see posts. Use new tactics to get interaction to help boost your posts, or ask audiences what they want to see, or when they spend the most time online! What is your favorite social media to use? How do you decide when to post?

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