The Do’s And Don’ts Of Modern Sales

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Being able to sell your products is a skill that can be intimidating, but is very important for the success of your business. Reaching out to people and marketing your product in a way that is appealing to your audience takes dedication and talent. With the ever changing market, sales tactics should also be training to keep up with current trends. Here are some common outdates sales practices, and what you should focus on instead.

Selling To Anyone:

A common sales mentality is to sell as much as you can, as fast as you can with the intent to bring in maximum profit. Rather than focus on selling to anyone, seek out people who actually need your product. Create a list of problems that your product solves, and seek out customers who have those issues. Not only does this narrow down your target audience, it will leave you with more satisfied customers and help you build a great brand reputation.

Persuading Prospects:

Going along with trying to sell to just anyone, persuading prospects is not always in your best interest. Instead, ask them questions to see if your product would be a good fit for them. By going in to the conversation with the mindset that you need to make a sale to this customer, you are ruling out the fact that you might be selling them the wrong product, or trying to create a problem that they do not have so that you can solve it. “Smooth talking” also falls under this category- be real with your potential customers so that they are able to trust you. Even if your product is not the best fit to them at the time, they are likely to refer you to friends and come back to you in the future if they can trust you.

Overselling Yourself:

It is easy to want to get a prospective customer excited about trying your product, but do not overhype it. It is usually easy for customers to find information on your product, so instead of spending an excessive amount of time talking about all of the bells and whistles that you offer, and instead talk about the benefits it provides and how it stands out from your competitors products.

Pushing Too Hard:

Sometimes customers are just not ready to buy, or want to think about their purchase before they finalize it. Harassing them or pressing them to make the purchase is a surefire way to scare them off. A better way to approach the customer is to listen to their concerns, address them and how you think your product could benefit them, and then follow up and invite them to reach out if they have anything else they would like to discuss.

Not Giving Them Clear Steps:

Making a purchase with an unfamiliar company can be nerve racking for customers, and leave them feeling lost if you are not there to help guide them through their purchasing process. Instead of leaving them to figure out what steps they need to take, give them a clear idea of when you will reach out to them (for example, “I will give you a call Tuesday at 11” or “expect an email from me Monday morning”) to ease their minds. You can also send them a virtual calendar invite to video chat to keep things simple and convenient for the both of you!

Sales can be tricky to navigate since it is constantly changing to keep up with industries and customer demands. Being honest and respectful to your customers is the best way to build relationships, trust, and maximize profits. What is one of the best sales experiences you have had, and what made it stand out? Let us know in the comments!

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