New Year, New You: Setting eCommerce Resolutions

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The start of the near year is always an exciting time. People are rejuvenated from the holidays, and are ready to start the coming year as their best self. Making resolutions in your personal life is a common practice, but making New Year’s resolutions in your businesses and professional life can help give you a fresh perspective and allow you to reach new goals. Last year we shared suggestions for 2019 resolutions, so here are some ideas to help you continue to grow in 2020.

Learn A New Skill:

Having your employees enhance their professional development doesn’t only help them, it helps you. Having well-rounded employees can boost team morale as it will help teams communicate with each other, and give everyone a better idea of what their colleges do. Learning new skills will also keep your employees engaged and help prevent burnout, instead keeping them excited and creative. Consider hosting a professional development event, or finding one for your employees to attend.

Keep Up With Analytics:

Analytics can be boring, stressful, or both. They are also one of the best ways to keep track of how you are performing on different platforms. With ever-changing algorithms, boosting your SEO and creating content your audience actually sees and cares about can be very tricky. Perform an analysis of last year’s results, and see where you excelled and what areas you’d like to focus on improving. Once you’ve pinpointed your targeted areas, set your goals and be consistent with tracking and adjusting them.

Increase Mobile Conversion Rates:

Smartphones are increasingly common. Because of this, it is very important to make sure your website is optimized for mobile. Customers love to order on-the-go, as soon as they decide they want to make the purchase. If they cannot easily access your website via their phone, you are very likely to lose their business. Especially for smaller items customers might be purchasing on a whim, making the purchasing process as seamless as possible will help you to win their loyalty.

Explore New Channels:

Or re-visit old ones that you might not have used in awhile. Since most social media has a specific tone, it might seem like an intimidating task taking on more channels. However, with small changes to your posts you can make them suitable for a wider range. One of the biggest perks to discovering and using new channels is the wide range of audience you will receive. Even if you do not think that a certain platform fits your demographic, you never know who is looking for your product! Since most social media channels are free, it never hurts to try one out.

These resolutions, along with any others you make, will be sure to help you start the new year off right. Going into the new decade, think about all of the growth you want your company to have and set a plan in motion! What are your resolutions for 2020? Let us know in the comments!

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