5 Tips For Optimizing Your Mobile eCommerce Website

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Creating a website has grown into more than just making aesthetically pleasing pages. While there is a lot that goes in to making your site easy to navigate, keeping your pages updated, and ensuring that you have quick loading times, it is also important to make sure that you are optimized for mobile. More and more customers are online shopping via their smartphones, so having a good mobile site is crucial for converting more customers.

How To Improve Your Mobile Site:

There are many factors to consider when optimizing your mobile site. One of the biggest things to consider is the size of your buttons. While creating a desktop version of your site, your customers will be using a mouse, allowing for smaller button sizes. When shopping on a smartphone, customers will need to be able to access the buttons with their fingers. If someone is shopping on your mobile site, sees a product that they love, but it is difficult for them to click “add to cart” or “buy now”, they are going to get discouraged. Instead of zooming in on the screen for access to the buttons, they are more likely to visit another site where they can make a purchase with ease.

On your desktop site, you might have a display with similar products, or products that are frequently purchased together. When designing your mobile site, make sure that these products are easy to view and not overlapping. Having a carousel of these other products allows the customer to view them without having to visit other pages, or lose the product they were looking at. Having several tabs open is more of a hassle on mobile devices than it is on desktops, so be smart about how you display these items for a better chance of multiple purchases!

Just like with your desktop site, make sure you have Call-To-Actions (CTA’s) on your mobile site. Your CTA can direct your audience to whatever action you want them to take- making a purchase, signing up for your email or SMS list, viewing a demo, or signing up for a service or subscription you provide. Since smartphone screens have less space than desktops, make sure that your CTAs are optimized for mobile. An effective way to display a CTA on your home page is though a pop-up that the customer can fill out or click. Just make sure that it is easy for them to exit out of! If they have to fumble around attempting to close the pop-up window, they are more likely to leave your site. You can also add mobile friendly CTA buttons on other pages that guide them to the desired landing page.

Use social media to your advantage! Instagram and Facebook allow you to link products directly to the product page, making it easy for customer to purchase an item that they see on your social media without having to search for it on your website. Tiktok also allows customers to shop through the app. If you frequently post your products on social media, or are running an ad, consider linking your products to each post. This tap and shop method encourages views to purchase products they are interested in by making it extremely easy for them to shop. If you use this method, make sure to test your links to ensure that they are being directed to the correct page and that there are no broken links.

Adjust the size of your font and pictures to the ideal size for mobile devices. Some mobile sites appear much too large, making it difficult for customers to shop. Shrink down your photos and text to an appropriate size, without making it too difficult to see. Although the individual pages might appear longer than they do on the desktop version, customers won’t mind scrolling if they can easily see your content.

Mobile eCommerce is continuing to grow, so optimizing your mobile site is non-negotiable for a successful business. Although it takes a little bit of extra work, it is worth it to provide your customers with easy access to your website, however they want to view it! Do you have a mobile site for your business? Do you prefer to shop on a desktop or on a mobile device?


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Thank you for sharing these valuable tips for optimizing a mobile eCommerce website. Creating a user-friendly and efficient mobile experience is indeed crucial in today’s digital landscape.

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