4 Reasons To Microblog For eCommerce

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Have you ever gone looking for information, found a promising article or blog post, and had to scroll through pages of unrelated information to get to what you were looking for? Many people get tired of sifting through information, and will simply exit the page. A study done in 2019 found that 75% of people prefer content under 1,000 words. Although writing longer articles seems like it would be better, and potentially more helpful, it can lower your engagement and hurt you in the long run. Microblogging is on the rise, and is worth trying out.

What Is Microblogging?

Microblogging is the act of creating short, concise pieces of content for your audience. Microblogging is not limited to traditional blogs- Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn can all be microblogging platforms. Microblogging can be text-only, or include images, audio, or even video.

Microblogging Benefits:

Microblogging comes with many benefits. First and foremost, it helps you build an online presence. Microblogging platforms often have a large user base, helping you reach a wider audience than you would through only traditional blogging. Microblogging platforms also make it easy to engage through comments, likes, shares, or re-posts. Every time a user engages with your content, it helps boost it.

Microblogging tends to take less time than traditional blogging. If you are writing a longer post, you are going to spend more time researching and editing content than you would for a short post. Microblogs can be written in as quickly as a few minutes, allowing you to put out more content. On some microblogging platforms, like Twitter or LinkedIn, putting out short pieces of content in a thread can also encourage customers to follow you in order to see what you post next. Publishing information in shorter bits makes it more likely for your audience to actually read the entire post, and gives them time to process the information before moving on.

Microblogging is very mobile friendly. Although you can optimize traditional blogs for mobile use, they were not designed with that in mind. Microblog posts can usually fit on a user’s phone screen without them needed to scroll or zoom. Having mobile friendly content helps drastically by making it easy to view, no matter where the user is.

Microblogging can help you keep customers up to date, and is perfect to making big announcements. Say you have a new product you are launching. Posting on your blog or website to announce your big launch is going to take longer for your audience to see than if you post about it on microblogging platforms. Because they are more likely to scroll through social media for fun, and turn to your website if they are looking for something specific, this is the best way to get the word out quickly. This goes for any announcement you might have- office closures, a re-scheduled event, a grand opening, or anything else you want to notify your audience of quickly!

Microblogging goes deeper than writing a quick caption. If you want to try this technique, make sure that you are giving concise but detailed information to your audience. It might take you some practice to really get the hang of it, but once you do, it is an excellent way to communicate and build a relationship with your customers. Have you tried microblogging? Are there any microbloggers you enjoy following?


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