Content Marketing Metrics You Should Be Tracking

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A big part of running a business is creating a website, and content, that your customers enjoy. Gaining new customers and retaining your old ones is what helps keep your business running. Tracking the metrics of your website and social media can help you determine what is helping you, and what is hurting you. Content marketing metrics are not all created equal, so here are some of the most important ones to focus on.


Traffic on your website, blog, or social media will have different levels of traffic than other businesses. Some companies have bigger budgets, more organic traffic, or have been around longer. While you do not need to compare yourself to everyone else, you should always strive to increase traffic. Traffic by itself does not indicate how you are performing, but without traffic, nobody is seeing your content.

Traffic Sources:

Traffic sources are another important metric to measure. It is important to understand where your visitors are coming from. There are three main sources of traffic: Direct visitors, search visitors, and referral visitors. Direct visitors come to your website directly by entering your address into their URL. Search visitors find you through search engines like Google. Referral visitors reach your site via a link from another page (website link, social media link, etc). Understanding where your leads are coming from helps you stay strong in the areas that are directing a lot of people to your site, and helps you improve on other areas to drive more traffic.

Time Spent On Site:

Keeping up with how long visitors spend on your site can be incredibly helpful. If people are coming to your site and leaving quickly, that means that they did not find what they were looking for, or were unimpressed with the content or display. If they are spending more time on your site, they are more engaged. Use this information to analyze your website, and see where you might need an update or improvement.

Exit Pages:

What pages are your customers leaving on? Is it your checkout page, a specific product page, or even your landing page? Tracking the metrics of where people are leaving your site can help you figure out where you might need to make some changes or updates. Even if you regularly update your website, it is easy to miss a small glitch or slow loading time that is driving customers away.

Keeping up with your metrics can be a big task, but it is worth it if you are looking to grow your business. There are many other metrics you can keep up with, but find the ones that are most important and helpful to your goals and get started! What metrics do you measure? How has it helped you?


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