How To Write Product Descriptions That Sell

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Product descriptions are an important part of the conversion process. They are considered a final point in the conversion funnel, and a major reason why some users may (or may not) convert.

Your product descriptions should effectively sell your products and entice users to click buy or try. These are opportunities your business has to communicate value and highlight why shoppers should purchase a product. Good product descriptions also increase sales and drive significantly more traffic to your site.

Unfortunately, the inability for consumers to touch products during the purchase decision-making process still poses a major challenge for online businesses. So, it’s your responsibility to address the needs and expectations for your target audience in your product copy.

Features vs. Benefits
Potential customers are more interested in what a product does for them than what the product does. How does it improve their lives? Which problems does it take away? It’s important to tell them exactly how a particular feature is useful for them. And, spell out the benefits of these features in each product description on your website.

A feature is a fact about your product, while a benefit explains how a feature is useful for your customer (e.g., improves productivity). Before you starting writing, you may also want to include some references to how your product avoids things like glitches, hassles, and problems.

Studies show that consumers read only 16% of the words on the average web page. So how do you entice shoppers to stop skimming and actually start reading your product copy? Since most consumers are skimming the Internet and do not read word-by-word, use bullet points. The order of your points is also important. Get them to notice the important points by listing the primary benefits first.

Also, make sure to use larger fonts and well-contrasted font colors so your product descriptions are easily readable and stand out on the page. Your web design and content writing should work together and strengthen each other.

Optimize For Search Engines
Product descriptions should be descriptive and not deceive searchers with content that is irrelevant or spammed with keyword stuffing. Search engines want to provide its users with the best, highest-quality content found on the web. The problem is too many Internet marketers have been looking for the short-term win (from keyword stuffing to spammy link building).

To drive more consumers to your site, consider optimizing keyword usage in your product descriptions and using key phrases in your headline, subheadings, and body text. Also, optimize your product images by using key phrases in the file name, image description, and alt tag.

Well thought out product descriptions can increase click-through rates and even time spent on a webpage. Many businesses fail to realize is the significant role they play in attracting consumers to websites and search engine results. Don’t make this mistake and overlook the opportunities great product descriptions can bring to your online business.

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