Why should you Localize?

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Language localization is the adaptation of a product to a specific language and culture. It is not just the translation, it is the comprehensive research and understanding of the culture in order to adapt the product to the culture in all aspects. This can include signs, symbols, customs, and other characteristics of the region.

The wide-spread popularity of the internet has allowed companies the access to international markets, creating a global presence for businesses. They are not limited to the old brick and mortar business anymore. However, making information about your products and services available in other languages and doing extensive research into a new culture requires good planning and execution. The global platform for communication and collaboration has opened new opportunities, but there is a correct way to expand your product globally, and that involves localization. We have spoken about globalization in a recent article and a major part of globalization is localization, which we will discuss the benefits of throughout the rest of the article.

Research from Rosetta Stone says that 72.4% of people said that they are more likely to buy products with information written in their native language. Your products and services are more accessible through localization. If your competition is already localizing their products, then they have an advantage over you. However, if they are not localizing, this will give you an advantage if you begin to localize. Don’t underestimate the power of localization. The research done by Rosetta Stone shows its importance of it to a company’s success when globalizing.

Localizing and expanding your international reach is beneficial when you are looking to increase your number of customers and profits. You can do this by increasing your market penetration in a current region or by selling to a completely new region. If you are already selling globally, but have not yet localized, localization will increase your market penetration in these foreign regions. The more exposure your company receives in these regions, the better. Some customers are not comfortable shopping in a foreign language and localization will make them more comfortable knowing you will be able to communicate with them if an issue arises. Making your customers more comfortable by being able to communicate with them in their native tongue, will lead to them spreading the word about your company as well.

Localized content is very important when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is content that is specific to consumers in a certain region. Major search engines have made localization a part of their ranking algorithms. In order to implement a successful localization content strategy, you need to identify which content will be unique to a particular region and publish it. This will help with your SEO and your customer retention. It will create a more custom experience for the users in the region you are highlighting and enhance their experience with your product or service.

Lastly, localization will strengthen your image. This will let your customers know you are thinking about them and that they are valued. By going that extra step to make their experience better, they will be more inclined to become loyal customers that will promote your company. Making them feel special and giving them peace of mind are two ways to strengthen your image.

When considering a localization strategy, it is also necessary to consider your branding and how it will be perceived in different regions. In creating your localization strategy, decide where you want to prioritize and how to maintain your company’s core message. Finding the resources to support your localization efforts may be difficult. Look to companies with whom you are already working with to see how they support localization. Our localization efforts, here at BMT Micro, offer the customer a complete purchase experience, from start to finish, in their own language. We are constantly working to add languages to our localization repertoire and can already provide services in German, French, Spanish, and more! We can customize your order forms and shopping carts to suit your localization needs. BMT Micro possesses an extensive understanding of differences in culture, customs, and idioms due to years of working with international vendors/customers. Please feel free to contact us to find out more about how we can assist with your localization needs and with the expansion of your business to global markets.


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