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Video advertising is online advertisements that contain video, or more commonly, when a video about a product is shown before, during, or after a video stream online. With the amount of people you can reach on the Internet these days, video advertising is a crucial part of any advertising plan. Consumers like video advertisements because they would rather watch a video than read about a product. YouTube is a very popular site used for online advertisements. It is very prominent in today’s culture and can be a highly effective venue for advertising to reach a large audience. YouTube is currently getting over a billion views a day and with that much viewership, it makes sense to market where the consumers will see it!

YouTube is a great place to advertise. It is very easy to use and there are many different options. The latest video ads in YouTube advertising are called True View advertisements. They are called this because you only pay when viewers choose to watch your videos. We will discuss the traditional types of advertising and the true view advertisements in the next few paragraphs.

YouTube display ads are advertisements that appear next to related YouTube videos or as pop ups ads next to the related video. This is a very common form of advertising used on YouTube and other various sites. These are ideal to reach your target market. The great thing about these ads are that you can use keywords to indicate which videos you would want them to appear next to. You want to catch your target markets interest. Display and banner ads are very popular, but may be easily overlooked due to the advertisement overload that consumers experience on a daily basis.

Another type of advertisement is in-video overlay ads. In-video overlay ads are essentially pop-up ads that appear within targeted videos. They interrupt the video you are watching and pop-up in front of the screen. In order to get rid of them, you have to close out of the ad. Sometimes the close out button is difficult to find, causing you to watch the video longer. While many people may find this particular ad annoying, it definitely grabs their attention and makes them acknowledge the ad. In-stream ads are when you are trying to watch a video on YouTube and you are required to watch a video before or after the video you are trying to watch. This is a very popular type of ad because the consumer is required to watch the video if they want to see the video they originally clicked on. You are typically allowed to skip the video after about 5 seconds or more, but they can continue to watch the full video as well. The best part about this type of ad is that if they do not watch at least 30 seconds of the ad, then you are not charged. This is a great opportunity if you know your target audience well. If your targeting is good and the video grabs their attention in the first few seconds, they may watch the entire video. However, if they choose to skip the ad, you didn’t spend any money and you still received a bit of exposure.

Another type of advertising is in-slate ads. These advertisements appear before lengthy videos. For example, if you are going to stream an episode of your favorite TV show that would normally have three commercial breaks, this ad would allow you to skip all commercial breaks. The consumer is allowed to choose between a few different videos they want to watch as opposed to having the regular commercial breaks. There is a chance that people may not pick your video over others, but if they do, then they are required to watch the entire advertisement.

The last type of ad we will discuss today is in-search video ads. These ads appear on the page of YouTube search results either above or on the side of the results. Advertisers can bid on certain keywords to determine which search words will cause their ad to display. This is similar to using Google AdWords, but YouTube is not nearly as saturated with advertisers bidding for keywords, so you will be able to bid on more popular keywords to get noticed.

We have detailed all of the different types of advertisements, but as a BMT Micro Vendor you still may be wondering, when should I use YouTube ads? How can I benefit from these ads?There are a few different ways in which YouTube ads can help your business. They can help you create brand awareness. If you are a relatively new company, it may help you to get recognized and reach a lot of consumers. If you are launching a new product, this could also be a way to get the word out. Lastly, it can be a way to offer how-to videos for your customers. These videos could be an interactive Q&A session or they can be videos that give your customers an advanced understanding of the features your product offers.

There are a number of different options to choose from when using YouTube’s advertisements. The benefit to all of the different options is that it allows you to experiment with different ads to determine which works best for you. YouTube’s advertising platform is relatively unsaturated and has a lot of potential for growth into the future. It is a great way to get your brand out there and gain exposure!


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