How To Promote Your Video Game On A Budget

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How to Promote Your Game On A Budget 2

Game development has become so accessible it seems like everywhere you look someone is creating a new game. With so many games being released on a daily basis, gaining the recognition your game deserves can be very difficult regardless of the quality of your game. As we have mentioned before, there are many examples of beautifully designed games that are potentially profitable but end up never making it. Why? It is a common trend among game developers that they let their talent shine when it comes to production and design but they lack the skill-set when it comes to marketing.

Marketing can seriously increase your games chances of success but why do so few developers invest in marketing? It is because so many still believe in the myth that successful marketing requires a huge budget. Most developers don’t realize that they don’t need to spend a lot on marketing to get success and that’s mainly because they don’t know where to start.

First, you need to create promotional materials that will develop excitement about your game. These materials are pieces of marketing content that are so alluring they compel people to share and start discussions. Without these promotional materials and following their best practices, you cannot successfully market your game. Below are some pros and cons that you may want to consider when using these promotional materials.

Trailer Video

  • Needs to be 2 minutes or less. If you decide on a longer trailer video, you really risk losing your audience’s attention before your trailer ends.
  • You need an attention-grabbing introduction. If your trailer does not cut to the point or show something interesting within about 3-5 seconds, you may risk losing your audience’s attention.
  • Include your studio’s logo – get your brand in front of your audience.
  • Show in-game footage. One of the biggest complaints on game trailers is when no gameplay is shown – you need to always include this.
  • Music/sound effects are important too – think about this as you are working on your trailer, not at the last minute. These really contribute to the quality of your video.
  • Include game reviews (if possible). This adds a sense of authority to your trailer.
  • End with what’s next. Don’t leave your audience with a black screen at the end. You’ll lose the opportunity to tell people how to get your game, where to learn more about your game, and so on.


  • Don’t post screenshots you took 5 days into development. They will stay on the internet and haunt you forever.
  • Your screenshots need to be hi-resolution. This assures that if you screenshots are blown up they don’t look pixelated.
  • Pay attention to composition.
  • Make sure your screenshots are well lit. Your screenshots need to highlight your games most valuable aspects. Make them stand out with your lighting.

Press Release

  • The First paragraph of your press release needs to grab attention. You need to summarize the game theme and include all important information about your game.
  • Use testimonials or reviews because third-party opinions of your game matter.
  • Include the basics about your company and make your contact information clear. You want to make it easy for press to get in contact with you.
  • Send your screenshots and trailer with your press release to give them everything they need. These can aid in grabbing attention and sale points.
  • Use hyperlinks in your text because it is a quick and easy way to click over to your site or game.
  • Don’t fill your email entirely of buzzwords. It doesn’t actually say anything about your game.
  • Don’t send a press email to 20 editors. Send your emails separately and take some consideration as to who you are talking to.

Landing Page

  • Your landing page’s sole purpose is to convert visitors into customers. make a conversion. Remove navigation or anything that distracts away from your landing page.
  • You need a grabbing headline. This is probably the only piece of text someone is going to read when they visit your landing page. You need to make sure it motivates a conversion.
  • Social sharing icons – create a fan base by allowing them to share your content.
  • You need to have a strong call-to-action button. This is your overall goal for customers visiting your page. Make sure this button stands out from the rest of your page (Buy Now, Download Now, etc.).
  • Include your trailer video or screenshots on your landing page. This encourages the decision your potential players have to make if they want to buy or download your game. Get your audience excited about your game.
  • Include your contact information. You need to make it easy for people and press to reach you. A simple tool you can create to aid with this is a press kit.

Development Blog

  • Update consistently – post at least one time per week. However, this does not mean posting a list of all the little bugs you have fixed the past days. Post content that gets your players excited about the game and wanting more.
  • Use images – players want to see what you are working on.
  • Link from the home page – make it accessible from your landing page.
  • RSS feed – reward interested people with an easy way to follow you.
  • Social sharing buttons. Make it easy for your followers to share your blog with their social network – it’s free marketing for you.
  • Email subscription – again, an easy way interested people can follow your blog. Every time you post to your blog they will get a message and keep coming back.
  • Promote at the end of the post – just like ending your trailer with next steps, do the same on your blog and let people know where they can get your game.

Social Media

  • At the very least you should have a Facebook page and a Twitter profile.
    On Twitter #gamedev and #ScreenshotSaturday are your best friends.
  • Do your research beforehand to see what social media channels players spend most of their time on.
  • Make sure you consistently post across all channels.
  • Don’t post updates in the middle of the night. Do you research on different social media platforms to see when is the best time to post.
  • Once you start building a community and start getting players interacting with you, make sure you actively respond to all messages, comments, etc.

Marketing games is almost as important as thinking of the game idea and developing it. Remember, no matter how great your game is, it won’t matter if no one hears about it. BMT Micro can ensure that your game gets the exposure it deserves. With BMT Micro, you can take off running with your new game. It doesn’t matter if your game is available on PC or Mac, or even if it is played in a virtual environment, BMT Micro can process all your transactions. You will see all of your efforts and the time invested in the development of your game rewarded by the gain of your new players. Never neglect the need for marketing and a good platform to make your game a huge success!


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