How To Find & Attract The Right Audience [Part 2]

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   How To Find & Attract The Right Audience - Part 2 - BMT Micro

In our previous blog post [part 1], we discussed the importance of understanding who your existing customers are and how to identify your target audience. Once you have accomplished this, the next task to tackle is creating content that converts and engages your audience.

Many businesses make the mistake of wasting a great amount of money and resources marketing on various platforms their target audience is not active on. This is why it is important to find out where your audience is and how they are communicating. Do they use search engines? Are they active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? No matter which channel you choose to engage your audience through, you need to pick the ones that work best with promoting your business. You should also utilize the data and information available through admin panels and analytics reports on the platforms you use. These can help your business learn more about who your audience is, what they care about, and how to best interact with them.

Find the best channels

What content is driving traffic?
There are a few different ways a business can find out what content is performing well on their site and driving traffic. You can start by looking at which pages have the highest pageviews on your site. You will also want to look at the content that is driving traffic to your site. Once you have done this, the last thing to look at is what content is performing best on each main acquisition channel (direct, organic, referral, social, paid, and email). By examining this, a business will have a better understanding of what type of content they should be investing in and improving.

What content is being shared?
A business’ site’s visibility is amplified when their content is shared on acquisition channels like social media. Not all content will perform the same across every channel so it’s vital to keep track of what is being shared the most and where. For example, some content is better suited to receive “Likes” or “Shares” on social media whereas other content may be better for generating organic search traffic.Tracking and analyzing metrics such as your likes, shares, retweets, and conversion rates is crucial to determining what’s working for your business and what is not.

Businesses must take the time to listen and examine the online activity of their audience to successfully create targeted content and ad campaigns. Now that you have a good understanding of how to find the right audience and how to create content that converts and engages, it’s time to make monitoring your analytics a habit. You will want to consistently check your social media and content analytics to see what is driving traffic and giving your business the best results. By doing this, you will be able to learn from your data, optimize content for better performance, keep your audience engaged and grow your business.

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frosteer · November 13, 2019 at 5:06 am

I think it is a great idea to see what is already proven to attract our ideal audience and what is also already proven to convert.

There are a lot of tools to track what is already bringing us the traffic and conversion and one of the most famous ones are google analytics. We can also spy on our competitors via different tools like Ahrefs, Semrush.

Once you have found what type of topics is converting well, all you need to do is create and publish them.

I have shared some insights on how to create content that converts here:

it could be a good additional info for your post

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