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 Creating an Effective FAQ Page - BMT Micro

Even in this era of social media and constant connectivity, a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is still one of the most valuable and powerful tools for online businesses. When used correctly, it can offer tremendous value to consumers by creatively answering their questions. It is the perfect place to alleviate purchasing anxieties and position a business as a trusted resource.

A FAQ page builds goodwill with consumers, improve the efficiency of customer service, and even boost conversions. But, a good FAQ page requires a bit of planning and know-how to keep consumers satisfied.

Word Choice Matters
Consumers want to find answers without the hassle of having to dig through a big block of text to find it. Focus on clear communication. Answers on a FAQ page should be written in a simple language that is straight to the point and easy to understand. A business should also avoid using technical language, jargon or unnecessary details.

Organization is Key
A FAQ page should be skimmable and easy to navigate so visitors can jump immediately to what they are looking for. It is best practice to group questions by topics or provide a duplicate list of the questions at the top of the page to serve as a table of contents. This increases efficiency for visitors and also helps answer any additional questions they may not have had yet.

Next Steps
When designing a FAQ page, it is important to keep in mind that it should not be the last page consumers visit. Connect FAQs with unique next steps that link to relevant pages or pieces of content that move consumers forward in their purchasing journey. For example, an answer to a FAQ could list different platforms an application is available on and include the download links to each.

The FAQ page is often an afterthought for many online businesses. But, when it is given the proper attention, it can help show transparency and trustworthiness. When used strategically, a FAQ page presents a unique opportunity to directly address consumer concerns and eliminate obstacles on the path to purchase.

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