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When selling a product or service, using subscriptions or recurring payments is a great way to plan for the future and to build a strong customer base. Having a better idea of what your revenue stream will look like next month will allow you to plan for enhancements, new projects, advertising, etc. Subscription services are becoming more and more popular. Today, we will discuss the benefits of using subscriptions for your business.

When you use subscriptions or recurring payments, your customers can purchase automatically recurring subscriptions from your website. They are very easy to implement online and with automatic billing, you save time by not having to send invoices or keep track of who has paid. All you need to use a subscription service is a website and the means to process payments.

A subscription or recurring payment model allows you to have a much deeper connection with your customers. They are entering in a relationship with you that extends much further than a one time transaction. This is a big thing from the business point of view. It offers a business a continuous stream of revenue from each subscriber. The only thing to account for is the potential cancellation from customers. However, it is much easier to retain your customers than to attract new ones.

A subscription model helps with business planning. The model allows you to plan for the future by knowing what your future revenue stream will look like. You can plan by determining the lifetime value of a customer and what your turnover rate of customers typically looks like. It will not be exact, but you will have a better idea of what your cash flow will be in order to plan ahead and strategically plan for enhancements and expansions.

When your customers are subscribers, it allows you to get to know them better. It also makes them feel a part of your business and want to provide feedback. By learning more about them and receiving feedback, you can enhance their customer experience. You want to enhance the customer experience because happy customers become repeat customers. Your loyal customers are also your cheapest and most effective form of advertising. If they are enjoying the service you provide, they are more likely to tell their friends, which will increase your profit.

The subscription model is sustainable and beneficial if it is done correctly. We have written a few tips on ways to make your subscription model a success. Many startups focus entirely on new revenue and forget about their ongoing revenue. It requires less effort to keep your current customers. This means that you need to continually enhance what you currently have and listen to their feedback. Deliver exceptional value and you will create a lasting business. You should also experiment with different membership options to find what works best for your company and for your customers. Another important thing to do is to avoid contracts. People tend to gravitate towards services that are easy to sign up for and are free to cancel. Contracts scare people. Lastly, do not be afraid to sell single products in addition to subscription services. It allows for diversification because not every consumer is looking for the same thing. The subscription model is a business model that has historically worked and can work now if done correctly. If you focus on providing an exceptional service at a reasonable price, a loyal customer base will follow.

BMT Micro has all the tools you need to run a successful subscription program.  Customers can sign up for your subscription using credit card or PayPal and BMT Micro will take care of rebilling customers when necessary so you can concentrate on providing the best subscription services possible.

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