Enhance Your Social Media Marketing with Periscope

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   Enhance Your Social Media Marketing with Periscope - BMT Micro

If your business is looking for a more personal way to connect with your customers, exploring a new social media platform could be the answer. Periscope offers an interesting new way to build a community around your brand through live-streaming video. The app drives engagement and brand awareness by giving your customers an unedited and raw look at your business. If you are unfamiliar with Periscope, it is a popular live video streaming app (for iOS and Android) that was purchased by Twitter in March of this year. Periscope allows you to live stream video to strangers and your Twitter followers from your phone or tablet. The app has gained a lot of attention already and according to the latest stats released by Periscope, there are over 7 million registered users on Periscope and 36 million+ broadcasts have been created in the past 3 months.

Since Periscope is still somewhat of a new social media channel, businesses are not sure how to utilize the app to drive new business yet. For online businesses, Periscope provides a different opportunity to boost your business and create relationships with your customers. Jumping on a platform early that has so much potential can transform and grow your business. There are a ton of ways that Periscope can be used to market your brand and if you are already utilizing a blog or social media for your online marketing, Periscope can be an additional tool for brand building.

How to Utilize Periscope for your Business

  • Insider Videos
    A live broadcast can showcase or demonstrate your product and educate customers on what all your business offers. It can also demonstrate the quality of your products. By giving your customers an “insider” view of your business, you can begin to build trust through transparency and develop deeper relationships. With Periscope, your insider videos can also be interactive. If you are launching a new product, you can share details with your audience on Periscope. Your viewers can ask questions during your live stream and you can answer them all in real time. This enhances your brand loyalty because as we mentioned before, it gives your brand the type of transparency consumers are looking for.

  • Live Q&A Sessions
    Similar to the “insider video” concept, you can invite followers to submit questions during your live broadcast. By encouraging questions on the spot, you can showcase your industry knowledge and your ability to effectively communicate with your customers. A live Q&A is one of the easiest broadcasts to start off with to get comfortable with using Periscope. A good place you can start is by taking the most frequently asked questions you get from your customers and answer them.

  • Email List Building
    Your Periscope broadcast can also be an opportunity to build your mailing list. During your broadcast, you should be asking viewers to leave their email address in the comments section. If you are putting out great content that your viewers see value in, they should have no problem giving you their email address and further engaging with your brand.

  • Personalized Customer Experience
    Periscope can give you the ability to take live customer support to a whole other level. An example of this could be walking a customer through a process live on Periscope. There may not be a need for this in your business but the more creative you are with your support, the more you will stand out and be memorable. If your business does not see a need for this type of customer support, invite your customers to a live Q&A where you can ask them questions and get their feedback in real time. This will allow you to begin pulling a lot of useful information from your customers and help you improve your business or product.

Since Periscope is still a fairly new platform, there are not many established best practices for businesses and brands yet. By staying up to date with the latest technologies, you can explore new platforms while they’re still young and exciting. After all, creating a presence on additional social platforms so potential customers can find you is never a bad thing. With Periscope you can create an “in-the-moment” experience by having real-time, chat-based conversations with your viewers and customers.

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